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Special Pani Poori

A Variety of Top-notch tastes with heavy fusion that are made rarely on the streets.


Chocolate pani Poori

Chocolate Pani Poori may sound strange, but the taste is above expectations. This Chocolate Pani Poori will leave you stunned with its exceptional taste. A great dish for all the sweet lovers out there. It’s fully made of chocolate, from its base to the melted chocolate filling

Chocolate Pani Poori - 15.00

Chocolate / Pani / Poori

Vanilla Pani Poori - 21.50

Vanilla / Pani / Poori

Ice cream Pani Poori - 18.50

Ice Cream / Pani / Poori

Chaas Pani Poori - 20.00

Chass / Pani / Poori

Guava pani poori - 15.00

Guava / Pani / Poori

black grape pani poori - 21.50

Black Grape / Pani / Poori

orange juice pani poori - 18.50

Orange / Pani / Poori

kacha aam pani poori - 20.00

Kacha aam / Pani / Poori

Desi Pani Poori

With the basic flavors but filled with love and extremely exceptional taste



Meetha Paani poori is a blender of Tamarind Chutney with Heeng it gives you the fusion of meetha and khatta at same time

Imli pani poori - 15.00

Imli / Pani / Poori

hing imli pani poori - 21.50

Hing / Imli / Pani / Poori

pudina pani poori - 18.50

Pudina / Pani / Poori

jeera pani poori - 20.00

Jeera / Pani / Poori

meetha pani poori - 15.00

Meetha Pani / Poori

adrak pani poori - 21.50

Adrak Pani / Poori

gud inli pani poori - 18.50

Gud / Imli Pani / Poori

kewra pani poori- 20.00

Kewra Pani / Poori

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