About Us

Our Story

We wanted to create the most loved Indian street food into something that can probably have the potential to grow pan India or beyond. During our formative research, we saw that Gol Gappa / Pani Puri aka pucka had all the potential, yet not much was done with this product. Paani puri is such a dish that has a great scope for experimentation and innovation. In the stall of metro cities, a variation of it is served. We have ensured that our Pani Puri’s are extremely hygienic and provide you the taste which you’re looking for. We wish to continue to explore & more understand our food culture in today’s times by exploring different Cities and bringing the tastes to one stall.

Our Specialties

Taste the best Pani Poori in the town and make your tongue feel the Typical Indian flavors with the different fusions.


Chocolate / Pani / Poori


Meetha Pani / Poori